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#besides my diagnosis

First and foremost, this is not my great idea…but I LOVE IT!  A friend of mine who has an AWESOME BLOG,  posted this topic over the weekend and I fell in love with the idea.  She had borrowed the idea from another blogger The Girl with five Lads and Fibro and I thought I would jump on board.

I felt this was a great topic because I have felt overwhelming sick the last year and have lost touch with the person I was before my diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I also have gained some new online support and followers so I thought this was a good place to share who I am under all this pain, medications and endless hospitalizations.

So here goes!

1. #besidesmydiagnosis the three things about my appearance that I love in the mirror?

Right off the bat is a very difficult question for me!  It’s hard to have your body fail you and still look at yourself with loving kindness.  However,  since I have committed to this, I have to say, My Natural Curly Red Hair and Blue Eyes (Less than 1% of the world has Red Hair and Blue Eyes!!!!)  The other thing that I really appreciate and love are my strong legs.  I grew up doing ballet, riding horses, snowboarding, running and hiking mountains so my legs have always taken me where I want to go.  Now they are a little less (or a lot less) strong but I still appreciate every step they give me!



2. #besidesmydiagnosis the things I have read most are?

Now that I am living back in the states I have gotten back into reading! I love to read… anything.  I have also become a part of a book club and we have read Me before You, The Girl on the Train, Beautiful Secret (fun but racy book!) and are currently reading I’m Just a Person.  I have also started reading Harry Potter Series since I completely missed the bandwagon on those!

3. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite comfort foods are?

#1 is Spaghetti with a ton of parmesan cheese!  My other favorite foods are fresh fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and pineapple! And of course SUSHI!!!!!


4. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite past times are?

Binge watching a good series on Netflix, talking on the phone with the friends that I miss, meditating, hanging out with my golden retriever Abe and my pit rescue Ray Ray. And anything on a beach

Ray Ray (front) and Abe enjoying a morning run on Kite Beach, St. Croix

5. #besidesmydiagnosis my biggest accomplishment since illness is?

My career is my biggest accomplishment and it is honestly the thing that keeps me going and motivated.  Currently I am the Disability Counselor for a Community College in Virginia.  I have devoted so much to change the culture of our campus to support students with any disability!

6. #besidesmydiagnosis I feel my best quality is?

My best quality is helping people problem solve.  This is usually through therapy sessions that I facilitate but I enjoy helping people in general.

7. #besidesmydiagnosis my motto/mantra to live by?


8. #besidesmydiagnosis I would love to travel to?

BALI!!!!!  I was planning on going in February but my body had other plans.  I have always dreamt of going to Bali & I know it will happen soon! Hopefully in the next 365 days! My boyfriend is also from Bali so it will be great to meet his family in person!  Need to start practicing my Indonesian!


In reality, I would travel anywhere! The last 8 years I began to travel more and more and I am always enjoy learning new cultures and seeing new countries!


9. #besidesmydiagnosis my guilty pleasure is?

This is embarrassing but I love Keeping up with the Kardashians.  It gives me a break from thinking about being sick and I enjoy the humor in the show.  I love how even as an adult, Khloe will steam roll her sisters, Kourtney says whatever she wants and Kim never gets tired of her self and taking selfies.

10. #besidesmydiagnosis I have many dreams and ambitions such as?

Where to begin for this one??? I have so many dreams.  Most of them include helping animals and people in the world.  I would also like to run an animal sanctuary of rescues and do equine therapy and animal assisted therapy.  There is just something so healing about horses & those animals who have been rescued.


So it turns out I am a lot of things #besidesmydiagnosis . For those of us that struggle with any diagnosis or even being a mom, caretaker, social worker, teacher, father, etc…we need to remember that we are much more than just one label.  For me being Kelly means all of these things, not just the girl who got sick.  Life is just to short to allow labels to dictate our being.  Go crazy, color outside the lines, take a risk & find out where it might take you…..

Until next time!

Much Metta (loving kindness),


6 thoughts on “#besides my diagnosis

  1. I agree. There should be a “love” button. That was great! I love the positive attitude and, yes, ma’am! You are SO much more than your diagnosis. I am enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you further. You are an amazing example of strength, endurance, perseverance, determination, and positivity. You have done wonderful things for this college and for those that are lucky enough to be in your world. You are an inspiration! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Besides your diagnosis, you are also hysterical, even when you are in pain I can’t fathom, your laughter is light and healthy! Keep celebrating all the wonderful in you! We miss you!

    Liked by 1 person

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