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Mindful Monday: Who are you in the moment?

The clock on Monday is quickly winding down from a long holiday weekend with family & friends. I just realized it was Monday as I closed my eyes and began to meditate before bed … So this will be a very sweet & short Mindful Monday,  Focusing on blessings. Also known as Gratitude.

Despite feeling pretty icky, I was able to meet new friends, attend two 4th of July celebrations, drink wine, and take a hayride out in the country.   This is something I have not been able to enjoy for quite some time due to Chronic Pain.  Now when I am able to be in the presence of others I am very grateful for conversation, laughter & meeting new people.  I have always felt that meeting new people was a gateway to another world as they bring in new beliefs and perspectives.

new friends I met in a book club


grateful for this bali boy!

Another thing I am grateful for this weekend was begin able to help on of the children with  reading comprehension as we learned how to tie dye! Doing this hands on activity forced me to get out of bed but also put the activity in the 9 year old’s hands.  It is sometimes hard to sit back and allow others to things (especially when those things are messy like Tie Dye!) But I knew I had to or I wouldn’t have the strength to make it through the activity.  It  ended up being a very cool activity that strengthen the child’s self esteem, reading skills, math skills and we bonded over laughter instead of forced homework time. As a person in the “step-mother” role, I am grateful for these moments.

tie dye

There were a few moments this weekend that I felt ashamed or that I should be doing something more but I was able to let those go in order to be with what was in the moment.  From using handicap parking to the motorized scooter to grab some items in the grocery store, I was grateful to have these tools that would help me maintain the momentum for a long day of socializing.

Sometimes it is nice to “just be the girl” who hangout with friends. Or the “girl who watched fireworks” or the “girl who is laughing”.  In these moments I am able to shed the heavy label of “CRPS” or “Pain” or “Sick Person” and be me.

So who are you when you shed the labels and enjoy what is here in this exact moment?


I am the girl who enjoys writing her blog in this moment 🙂

Take time this week and inhale a deep breath to enjoy the moment.  Notice the air, the sounds, the light and how your body feels in that moment.  Even with stressors surrounding everyone, we all have something to be grateful for 🙂

Happy birthday America!

Much Metta! (loving kindness)


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