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How to Survive CRPS/RSD Flares

How to Survive CRPS/RSD Flares If you have CRPS/RSD you know that managing the daily pain is one of the toughest jobs that a person could have. Now add a flare on top of that and it often times knocks us down, throws us backward or derails ANYTHING we are trying to do in our… Continue reading How to Survive CRPS/RSD Flares


Today I wear Orange

Today I wear Orange not because it will benefit me, but because it WILL benefit my loved ones, friends and those around the world who have never heard of CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Today I wear Orange to educate people of the symptoms and triggers to this disease that is progressively trying to take… Continue reading Today I wear Orange

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Dear Warrior

Dear Warrior, I see you tonight as the moon rises and the world settles down to sleep. I see you lying ever so quiet in your most comfortable spot, trying to be just that… comfortable. But for many, the comfort does not come and neither will sleep. The fire within our body ramps up as… Continue reading Dear Warrior

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CRPS: A Moment With No Pain

Tonight as I finished a very long and active day, I ended my evening with a HUGE surprise…. (sorry the video is shaky, I was excited!)   As Always: Much Metta, Kelly


When My Happily Ever After Couldn’t Survive the Storm

My life is a giant shit storm right now. I haven’t written lately because facing these painful realities are sometimes more painful than the CRPS itself. This evening I decided to face my monsters and put on a suit of courage. I have to write to process what is happening with the destruction of my… Continue reading When My Happily Ever After Couldn’t Survive the Storm

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10 things I wish I had known about CRPS/RSD when I was first diagnosed

I remember the very first time one of my doctors mumbled the letters RSD as she tried to demystify why my feet would not heal and why I was in excrutiating pain. The letters themselves scared me. She said it was rare and that I probably didn’t have it. Weeks later another specialist confirmed I… Continue reading 10 things I wish I had known about CRPS/RSD when I was first diagnosed

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Who is this body?

“Do one thing, every day that scares you”- Eleanor Roosevelt.  I thought about this quote this morning as I woke up excited yet nervous about the week of returning to work after a 2 month medical leave.   “This was it!” I thought, “This is the week that I will work all the kinks out and get back to… Continue reading Who is this body?