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Mindful Mondays: My 7 Favorite Mindfulness Quotes

Mindful Mondays: My 7 Favorite Mindfulness Quotes I don’t know about you, but I love a good quote.  For me writing is magic and words come together to create a new reality.  A good quote can sometimes make the impossible happen. We see them EVERYWHERE!  They are on clothing, on the bumpers of cars, marketing… Continue reading Mindful Mondays: My 7 Favorite Mindfulness Quotes

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Mindful Mondays: Minding the Pain

Chances are if you follow my blog you may struggle with some type of chronic pain disorder (or you are an awesome supportive friend!).  In the past few years as I have been dealing with my own painful diagnosis, I have found that most people in my life have some sort of relationship with chronic… Continue reading Mindful Mondays: Minding the Pain

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Things I have learned from CRPS in 39 days (after joining a gym)

CRPS is such an awful and mysterious disease.  It affects each of us different and what may help one day will not help the next.  This is in no way suggesting that if you suffer with CRPS that you should go out and join a gym. I am also not suggesting that I have all… Continue reading Things I have learned from CRPS in 39 days (after joining a gym)


Today I wear Orange

Today I wear Orange not because it will benefit me, but because it WILL benefit my loved ones, friends and those around the world who have never heard of CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Today I wear Orange to educate people of the symptoms and triggers to this disease that is progressively trying to take… Continue reading Today I wear Orange

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Dear Warrior

Dear Warrior, I see you tonight as the moon rises and the world settles down to sleep. I see you lying ever so quiet in your most comfortable spot, trying to be just that… comfortable. But for many, the comfort does not come and neither will sleep. The fire within our body ramps up as… Continue reading Dear Warrior