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Strong. Fierce. Me.

So the insurance had said no to a recent request for a Ketamine Infusion and apparently the medical/insurance world closes down during the holidays. As you know, I was devastated upon hearing that news. I was in fear of the unknown and felt that so many things were out of my control. (Read more here).… Continue reading Strong. Fierce. Me.


Today I wear Orange

Today I wear Orange not because it will benefit me, but because it WILL benefit my loved ones, friends and those around the world who have never heard of CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Today I wear Orange to educate people of the symptoms and triggers to this disease that is progressively trying to take… Continue reading Today I wear Orange

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Surviving the Winter with CRPS

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting colder.   The leaves are changing color and dropping from the trees to prepare for the frigid winter months. This isn’t my first rodeo with winter but I did step out of the ring for 7 years to live in the… Continue reading Surviving the Winter with CRPS

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Dear Warrior

Dear Warrior, I see you tonight as the moon rises and the world settles down to sleep. I see you lying ever so quiet in your most comfortable spot, trying to be just that… comfortable. But for many, the comfort does not come and neither will sleep. The fire within our body ramps up as… Continue reading Dear Warrior

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CRPS: A Moment With No Pain

Tonight as I finished a very long and active day, I ended my evening with a HUGE surprise…. (sorry the video is shaky, I was excited!)   As Always: Much Metta, Kelly

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RSVP: No. When my diagnosis makes me a bad friend

Believe it or not; sometimes I forget I am sick.   I forget that my body doesn’t allow me to do certain things or multiple things per day. I forget that a walk into the store to grab milk, may be the only thing I can do today or that driving a short distance can take… Continue reading RSVP: No. When my diagnosis makes me a bad friend

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Darkness is Thick Comfort is Jagged

I wish I could see past the darkness of tonight. See into the morning light and find some hope to hang onto. This is when I tend to make my biggest moves, take the most risk and scariest leaps from what is familiar because what is familiar is not longer working to better my life.… Continue reading Darkness is Thick Comfort is Jagged

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10 things I wish I had known about CRPS/RSD when I was first diagnosed

I remember the very first time one of my doctors mumbled the letters RSD as she tried to demystify why my feet would not heal and why I was in excrutiating pain. The letters themselves scared me. She said it was rare and that I probably didn’t have it. Weeks later another specialist confirmed I… Continue reading 10 things I wish I had known about CRPS/RSD when I was first diagnosed

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Should-ing Vs. Chronic Illness & Pain

Hello there and thank you for joining me for Mindful Monday. Last week I wrote Part I about The Dangers of Should-ing all over Yourself & asked readers to notice the “shoulds” that were unhelpful in their own lives and toss them to the side.  The intention of this Mindful Monday is to improve awareness… Continue reading Should-ing Vs. Chronic Illness & Pain