Golden Love

I am completely overwhelmed by all of the love and support that my friends & even strangers are showing to Abe in the last 18 hours. This small movement of GREAT LOVE has been much needed in my heart among a world that seems to have turned so violent in the last few weeks. For… Continue reading Golden Love

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Mindful Monday

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Today is the kick off of  Mindful Mondays! This idea came to me as I was meditating one evening and it seemed to resonate with me. Every Monday I plan to write about a topic and share how having a mindful practice can help center your life & ultimately give you… Continue reading Mindful Monday

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5 years ago today…

Since I woke up this morning, this day has felt odd.  The skies were angry and storms passed through every hour, darkening the sky to a nighttime gray.  The rain was heavy, furious as it fell creating a calming yet aggressive presence on our tin roof.  The winds sliced through the trees bringing branches down… Continue reading 5 years ago today…


7 ways to get through a tough father’s day

This is to all the girls, boys, women & men who are finding this a particularly difficult day. My Facebook is overflowing with statuses of how fathers have helped mold us and love us into the people that we are today. However as I scrolled through my newsfeed this morning, a piece of my heart… Continue reading 7 ways to get through a tough father’s day

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I’m strong but I am scared

I am writing today because I am scared. It’s been 23 days since my toenail removal surgery and 5 day inpatient stay at University of Virginia Hospital. I know what you are thinking… a toenail removal surgery? Seriously? 5 days in the hospital for a toenail removal? Yes..yes, I am being serious. As you all… Continue reading I’m strong but I am scared


Dear Orlando

Dear Orlando, Today the world mourns with you after significant tragedy and loss. There is this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, a tightness in my chest and a heaviness in my heart.  Innocent lives were taken in a senseless act of hatred and violence within your city limits. Hearts that once beat… Continue reading Dear Orlando

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the words that heal me

  This past week I have been struggling with writing my blog. I have had an intense week of pain shadowed by the inability to write a quick (but fabulous) post. The combination of the two became overwhelming frustrating as I racked my tired and overstimulated brain for an article that would rock the world. Needless… Continue reading the words that heal me


CRPS Ketamine Infusion

This video was created to give others an understanding of my latest battle with CRPS. I am under the influence of ketamine and Lidocaine as well as heavy narcotics in the video, so as you will see my speech  & thinking is a little slow. After 6 months of dealing with an ingrown toenail on… Continue reading CRPS Ketamine Infusion