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#1daywithoutpain – what would you do?

My good friend Genevieve and I were chatting last Friday night as both of us were at home due to ongoing battle with pain. I watched out the window as couples and groups of people gravitated towards the free Bluegrass concert that was held on our town’s Greenway. I longed to be one of those… Continue reading #1daywithoutpain – what would you do?


The Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award comes to me from A Spoonie’s Tale. Thank you to Tracey, author of this fantastic blog for nominating me for this award!! I am so honored! The rules of accepting this award are: 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 2. Write a post and display the award. 3. Share in your post… Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award

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In the Pursuit of Balance

  I am starting off this blog feeling rather speechless. Speechless because for the first time in my life I don’t have an answer or a plan that I am satisfied with. All of my answers depend on a shady source that doesn’t have a good track record in being dependable. And although I am… Continue reading In the Pursuit of Balance


Golden Love

I am completely overwhelmed by all of the love and support that my friends & even strangers are showing to Abe in the last 18 hours. This small movement of GREAT LOVE has been much needed in my heart among a world that seems to have turned so violent in the last few weeks. For… Continue reading Golden Love

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Mindful Monday

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Today is the kick off of  Mindful Mondays! This idea came to me as I was meditating one evening and it seemed to resonate with me. Every Monday I plan to write about a topic and share how having a mindful practice can help center your life & ultimately give you… Continue reading Mindful Monday

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5 years ago today…

Since I woke up this morning, this day has felt odd.  The skies were angry and storms passed through every hour, darkening the sky to a nighttime gray.  The rain was heavy, furious as it fell creating a calming yet aggressive presence on our tin roof.  The winds sliced through the trees bringing branches down… Continue reading 5 years ago today…


7 ways to get through a tough father’s day

This is to all the girls, boys, women & men who are finding this a particularly difficult day. My Facebook is overflowing with statuses of how fathers have helped mold us and love us into the people that we are today. However as I scrolled through my newsfeed this morning, a piece of my heart… Continue reading 7 ways to get through a tough father’s day