CRPS Ketamine Infusion

This video was created to give others an understanding of my latest battle with CRPS. I am under the influence of ketamine and Lidocaine as well as heavy narcotics in the video, so as you will see my speech  & thinking is a little slow.

After 6 months of dealing with an ingrown toenail on a CRPS limb, specialists finally agreed on a treatment plan to remove the toenail under nerve blocks and high doses of ketamine in the Operating Room.  I was then admitted to the unit that is responsible for Ketamine infusions and spent 5 days inpatient for a ketamine infusion and lidocaine infusion. During these 5 days, I was unable to walk without help from a walker and more than a few feet at a time due to pain.  I still kept up with PT everyday and advocated for myself every second to get the treatment I needed.

Due to the nature of the injury, it was high stakes for getting the correct treatment- which we were unsure of since i was the first person to come through UVA with this issue.  I am still not on the other side of the hill as CRPS is unpredictable in flares which cause excruciating pain.  But for today, I am managing the pain moment by moment.




2 thoughts on “CRPS Ketamine Infusion

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