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In the Pursuit of Balance

  I am starting off this blog feeling rather speechless. Speechless because for the first time in my life I don’t have an answer or a plan that I am satisfied with. All of my answers depend on a shady source that doesn’t have a good track record in being dependable. And although I am… Continue reading In the Pursuit of Balance

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I’m strong but I am scared

I am writing today because I am scared. It’s been 23 days since my toenail removal surgery and 5 day inpatient stay at University of Virginia Hospital. I know what you are thinking… a toenail removal surgery? Seriously? 5 days in the hospital for a toenail removal? Yes..yes, I am being serious. As you all… Continue reading I’m strong but I am scared


CRPS Ketamine Infusion

This video was created to give others an understanding of my latest battle with CRPS. I am under the influence of ketamine and Lidocaine as well as heavy narcotics in the video, so as you will see my speech  & thinking is a little slow. After 6 months of dealing with an ingrown toenail on… Continue reading CRPS Ketamine Infusion