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Who is this body?

“Do one thing, every day that scares you”- Eleanor Roosevelt.  I thought about this quote this morning as I woke up excited yet nervous about the week of returning to work after a 2 month medical leave.   “This was it!” I thought, “This is the week that I will work all the kinks out and get back to… Continue reading Who is this body?

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In the Pursuit of Balance

  I am starting off this blog feeling rather speechless. Speechless because for the first time in my life I don’t have an answer or a plan that I am satisfied with. All of my answers depend on a shady source that doesn’t have a good track record in being dependable. And although I am… Continue reading In the Pursuit of Balance

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the words that heal me

  This past week I have been struggling with writing my blog. I have had an intense week of pain shadowed by the inability to write a quick (but fabulous) post. The combination of the two became overwhelming frustrating as I racked my tired and overstimulated brain for an article that would rock the world. Needless… Continue reading the words that heal me