Calming Flares through Peace & Laughter


Flares Hurt. And they come when you least expect it.  These are a few of my favorite things that get me through those tough days.

Apps that calm & make you smile :

Insight Timer: Meditation App for your phone or tablet that offers hundreds (if not thousands of guided meditations) The app also offers a world map when you open it to signify where people are in the world that are currently using the app (makes me feel that I am part of a community!)

  • On the bottom of the screen the options are guided (you can search through these by using their search button i.e.: Healing and all the meditations that address healing are displayed)
  • You can track your meditations and you get “trophies” for so many consecutive days
  • The healing guided meditations really take you on a journey of healing your body and great visualizations
  • The body scans also can calm your body and if you get through a 30 min guided meditation…you feel that you are floating above the bed!)
  • Feel free to lie down.  Technically you are suppose to sit, but I am not able so I meditate laying down. If you find yourself snoozing, try a shorter meditation. Don’t judge yourself if you are thinking about dinner during the meditation, just shift your attention back to the voice or your breath
  • Meditation has helped me in the long term more than ANY medication… worth trying

Snap Chat: seriously..this app makes me laugh so much and laughter helps my pain.  The
filters on this app are hilarious… you can swap faces, be a dog,

snapchat filter fun

look like a super model. And trust me, when you look like a super model… you aren’t feeling pain so much

Instagram: There are some very inspirational people out there! Chronic Pain Warriors who post videos of dancing, music and art. This lifts my spirits every day and helps me feel connected..

Abe & Ray when we lived in the Caribbean 











Ellen: Yes Ellen. She has many apps, Ellen, Ellentube, heads up! and probably more.  This woman is incredible. On my highest pain days I watch Ellen videos!  Want a good laugh? Watch her prank people Kevin the Cashier at Michaels .


I love this woman and what she stands for

Two Dots: My newest puzzle game addiction. It takes my mind of pain as I am trying to connect dots…. 

Pinterest: Very soothing to scroll through pinterest on any topic you want including recipes and inspirational quotes.  I pin things all the time with the goal of doing them some day. But for now it is okay that they stay in my folders 🙂