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The CRPS Chronicles

CRPS Chronicles. Stories shared about CRPS warriors. Share yours with The Invisiblewarrior
CRPS Chronicles. The place where CRPS journeys are honored.


The CRPS Chronicles

Hello Warriors! Welcome to my blog, The Invisible Warrior. If you are a returning subscriber thanks for checking back in and if you are new, I hope that you find this information, my stories & reviews helpful.

You can read more about me here, and how The Invisible Warrior was born.

In the early part of February 2017, I felt the need to bring more to the CRPS Community. I wanted a place where our stories could be told and our journeys honored. I wanted a way to connect to others, to tell their story and maybe inspire others. I made a promise to myself in the beginning that this blog would not be filtered living and perfection. This would be a blog that would be raw and honest.

We all have a story. We are all brave. Every single one of us pushes forward and moves through fire every. single. day.

I want to honor you. I want to tell your story. I want the CRPS Chronicles to be a place where others can see your strength and your resiliency. I want others to know that they are not alone. I want you to know; you are not alone.

It is my intent to share our commonality regardless of difference in gender, age, injury & treatments. How CRPS has affected us and what you want the medical world to know. Perhaps this will be shared over and over again until our stories have been told around the world (The Invisible Warrior is read in 72 countries!) This project has the potential to grow into a representation of what CRPS life is like and what helps support us. The Sky is the limit!

If you would like to be a part of this project, please click on the form below. It is a questionnaire about you and CRPS. It shouldn’t take more than 7 minutes of your time.

Other details:

  • I will take your information collected and put into a story outline format using your words
  • I will email you before I post the story
  • I will ask you for a photo (you choose)
  • I will post a story/person’s story once a week for as long as people are willing to participate.
  • I will also moderate any comments that are shown on this page to ensure that this is a safe place.
  • No bullying will be tolerated
  • Have questions? just ask. Email:

Quick Questionnaire about your CRPS

note: This project launched on 2/26/17, no stories have been published yet as data is still being collected. It is my hope that this project continue throughout 2017 and be a source for others to seek information about CRPS.

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