Helpful Links

These links are to help anyone with CRPS or their caregivers. This information has helped me advocate for my treatment, provided insight, support & new perspectives on living in pain.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

  • *Trial By Fire Documentary  is a new movie made this year to help advocate for CRPS. It has won many awards in film festivals this spring & we are anxiously awaiting the release! Watch the Trailer  for a sneak peek!  You can also read more about the film on their website
  • What is CRPS?  My favorite informational video when first diagnosed:
  • Paula Abdul talks  about RSD/CRPS

Lectures on CRPS:

  • Dr. Pradeep Chopra lecture
  • Philip Getson, DO talks about different approach to CRPS lecture
  • Sean Mackay, Md, PhD discusses research on neuroscience & can being in love help CRPS lecture


Neurotalk forum on RSD/CRPS: Very helpful group of individuals who can answer questions about the disease, treatment and offer support when you need it the most!

Blogs I love!  This blog is written by one of my favorite people who is an amazing friend and support for me. Genevieve!  She is a lovely writer & her writing takes you on the journey of her personal victories, painful days,  heartbreaking realities of pain and it’s life changing effects.  Genevieve also suffers from CRPS as well as Lyme. *  Another CRPS blog about struggles and maintaining a positive attitude. Hannah writes about staying strong and working out despite her CRPS.  She is an inspiration I recently fell in love with this blog when finding Brittany on social media, her Instagram is always on point! She is a down to earth mom who writes about life with chronic illness, traveling, reviewing cool products and my favorite… good food!

All about Ketamine: