#Crushcrps 7 day challenge 


#crushcrps  7 day Instagram Challenge!

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea of a challenge for those of us suffering from CRPS.  I wanted to change the narrative. I wanted to talk more about positive movement instead of overwhelming high levels of pain.  I wanted to post pictures of moving through the flames instead of laying on my bed, defeated by CRPS another day. I wanted people to come together not in pain but in support of one another as we take a few extra steps, pedal a bike, walk to the kitchen, participate in a hobby or just do something simple like washing the dishes, feeding our pets or playing with children.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is important to talk about pain.  It is important to reach out and say “I am suffering”. There is just something about posting about the annoyance of pain on social media that just feels good.  A relief of baring the burden alone.

But lately I have been tired of posting about my pain.  I wanted something good to report. Something positive to focus on.  A few months ago I wrote a blog post about Things I learned from CRPS in 39 days, after joining the gym (you can read that here).  I found my movements (although they were small) were empowering.  I found that each day I was a little stronger. Sometimes just taking an extra step and sometimes stretching just an inch deeper.

For the first time in YEARS I felt that I was winning.  That CRPS had less of a grip on me.

My pain even decreased as my movement increased.  Blood was now flowing easily to those affected areas and although some days, my pain would still be high, I focused on 1 movement instead of a fury of pain.  Focusing on the movement changed my perception of CRPS. It changed my narrative of the disease. It empowered me. I began to stand up to the bully of CRPS and take back a little more control. I began saying ” Not today CRPS, not today.”, indicating that I was the boss and it was not going to allow it to run the show!

That small change of looking at the positive and engaging in a movement (no matter how small) changed my life.  Baby steps are often giant leaps for someone with CRPS.  In the grand scheme of life, most people don’t get why we celebrate walking 2,000 steps a day or the ability to stand for 5 minutes to wash dishes.  But those with CRPS get it because we have all been there.

When talking about this with a good friend, Genevieve, who also writes a blog about CRPS ( ) we decided that we could change this into a fun 7 day challenge for the CRPS community on Instagram.  We began to promote it and people flooded our inboxes with excitement, ready to take on the challenge.

Are you ready to crush CRPS?

Now this challenge officially begins Today Monday May 15th and runs through Sunday May 21st.  The guidelines are to post a picture on instagram daily of you crushing CRPS by sharing a movement that you did that you are proud of. (Seriously no movement is too small!!)  Next tell us about the movement and why you are proud and use the hastag #crushcrps in the comment so we can help celebrate with you!!

It is that simple!! At the end of the challenge there will be a giveaway for one lucky participant & hopefully a new perspective for all.  We can’t cure CRPS but we can do our best to fight it with movement.

Follow me on Instagram at @crps_invisible_warrior & Genevieve @gtothevieve

This Challenge is also not to promote “pushing through the pain” or doing something that will result in a flare.  You know your own body so move smart.

If you are participating in this challenge please leave me some feedback about how this challenge has helped whether it is improving your mood, introducing you to new people or inspiring you to focus on walking your dog for 10 minutes instead of being consumed with pain.

now… lets go #crushcrps and remember…. #nottodaycrpsNOTTODAY

as always…



instagram 7 day CRPS challenge

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