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#1daywithoutpain – what would you do?

#1daywithout pain

My good friend Genevieve and I were chatting last Friday night as both of us were at home due to ongoing battle with pain. I watched out the window as couples and groups of people gravitated towards the free Bluegrass concert that was held on our town’s Greenway. I longed to be one of those people. Just walking without a care in the world holding my boyfriend’s hand. I thought back to the days when everything I did was spontaneous. “Sure, I’ll go”, was usually my answer to anyone. And I was NEVER at home on Friday nights. There was always music to listen to, dance to and people to laugh with.

Before I allowed myself to drown in the grief of letting go of the past, I asked Genevieve, “What would you do, if you didn’t have pain for 1 day?” As I waited for her response, I thought about my own day without pain. So many things I wanted to do.

Days later, Genevieve turned this idea into an awesome movement through her Blog (read her post here) and asked others to join through comments, their own blog posts or social media. I smiled and re-examined the question for myself.

#1daywithoutpain ………

I would travel to Bali. My boyfriend is Balinese and it has been our goal and dream to travel to his island home together. We had planned to travel this past February but CRPS once again took control over my life and I was unable to go.


I’m already planning for my trip to Bali

On my #1daywithoutpain , I would wake up at our Villa in Bali, enjoying the view while flowing through sun salutations & breathing in the warm salt air. I would cook Yudhi & I breakfast (standing the whole time) and talk about which adventures we would want to get into for the day. We would decide to hike to Gitgit Waterfalls and visit the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest, laughing and taking fun photos. We would walk around the town market, picking up fresh island fruit and speaking Indonesian with the locals. I would go shopping, walking the whole time without thinking about where I could sit down. After lunch, we would head down to the beach, walking the scenic route. I would rent kiteboarding equipment and pump up my own kite, walking out the lines from my bar. I would head out on the water with my board and lean back to slide my feet onto the footpad. Diving my kick, I am lifted out of the water and ride smoothly across the surface. I would feel each wave under my feet as I went faster, water spraying on my face. I would fall (like I usually do) but I wouldn’t care. It is part of the game. I don’t think about anything except my kite & the wind. I ride the wind for hours, grateful for the experience. After the wind dies I would come back to shore and join Yudhi & others in a volleyball game on the beach. I would run on the sand & through the surf in a smooth strong gait, feeling my leg muscles carry me wherever I wanted to go. As the sun set, we would come across a band playing at a beach bar and stop to dance to their music. We would dance to every song, laughing and making up silly dance moves. As the night ended we would head back to our own villa. We would stay up all night, enjoying the stars & listening to the waves break on the shore.

As I write I can smell the ocean & feel the warm breeze on my face.  I know in my heart that I may never have another pain free day for the rest of my life but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy the blessings that come along.

Yudhi & I in the Caribbean.  He is my rock, my support & my best friend

I will travel to Bali with Yudhi & meet his family.  I will sit on my yoga mat and watch the sunrise from the beach, indulge the culture & have an amazing time even though I cannot hike, kiteboard, run or dance all night.  This may not be the trip I dreamed of when I was younger & healthy but it will be incredible because I will be with the man I love.  And when that trip happens, you can follow me on that journey through my blog.

So what would YOU do with #1daywithoutpain? Be sure to use the hashtag to share through social media!

Much Metta,


5 thoughts on “#1daywithoutpain – what would you do?

  1. Thanks for asking the question and getting my brain gears churning. Your “day” sounds so perfect, you described it so well I felt like I was there too. I hope and believe you will get to experience parts of that day. Maybe not all at once, maybe just bits and pieces over the stretch of a few years. Dr. Kaplan once told me that his sickest patients were the ones who had given up and had no hope. Keep the faith, keep hope alive in your heart lady ❤

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